microGAFFER® is so compact and lightweight, all professional photographers, lighting technicians, gaffers, sound engineers and production assistants should always keep a roll or three in their pocket and gear bags.

With microGAFFER, you can always be prepared -- with all the benefits of classic gaffer tape, in a variety of colors -- without all the hassle!

  • microGAFFER weighs just 2.2 ounces vs. 1.6 pounds for standard gaffer tape. Now you can carry a few different colored rolls around on your belt!
  • microGAFFER is perfect for stage and studio use, but truly shines when used on location. Remember, if it moves and it's not supposed to: use gaffer tape!
  • Secure cords and cables, mark positions, identify a hazard area, perform a quick ad-hoc fix, temporarily attach fixtures or props, salvage a broken piece of production equipment, label channels on a mixing board and much more!